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Congratulations to: Jeff Warnecke (Pictured Left) and Mike Rowe (Subbing for Drew Brauer Pictured Right) for the split of 1st place. Brian Rauk (Pictured Center) for 3rd place.  Great Job Guys.

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New Big Blind Structure!

To ensure we are done on time, We will start using the new big blind tournament structure that most tournaments are changing to.  It is simple.  Instead of everyone putting ante’s in, the player in the big blind will pay the anti for the table.  For example, if the blinds are 100.00 and 200.00, the player in the big blind position will put in his/her blind of 200.00 in front of them and put another 200.00 in the pot center table.  If you need to make change, the big blind and the ante’s must be separate so other players don’t think you have a raise in front of you. Using the previous illustration, if you don’t have any 100’s, you can’t just put a 500.00 chip in front of you to cover the blinds and ante’s. You would have to put a second 500.00 chip in the center to the table and make change for both when the betting round is finished. Or better yet, get change and then place 200 in front of you and 200 in the pot. This saves a ton of time and guarantee’s more hands per round.  But be warned, this can get ugly in the upper rounds.  Muhahahaha.

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