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Event Details

    Our next tournament date is Saturday Oct 19th, 2019.  The details are below. Set this date in your calendar, and invite your friends.  I will email this out again the week of the tournament as a reminder.  If you know of someone who would like to get on this mailer, email me their first and last name plus email address. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.


Tournament Details:

Game = NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em Poker
Date = Saturday Oct 19th, 2019
Time = Be there between 11:00 – 11:45 am to get extra chips.  Cards start flying at 12:00 pm, Ending at 5:00 pm approximately.
Where = Cigar Inn Jazz Bar, 119 W Main St, Belleville, IL 62220
Cost = $50.00 buy in.
Re-buys = unlimited until the end of the second round which is the first 40 minutes. You will receive another bounty chip and a full 10,000 chip stack.
Bounties = $5 dollars for each bounty which is included in the $50.00 buy in.
New Big Blind Structure = Big Blind position pays double the blind to cover Ante’s. Details in rule 12 below.
Drinks = Bar and Bartender are available for your enjoyment.
Cigars = Nice selection of cigars are available.  This is a smoking event, so if smoke bothers you, this event is not for you.
Food = Bring something to share if you like.  This will make our tournament even better.

Max capacity = 30 players. (This is an open event so invite your friends.  First come first serve if we fill up.  Those who RSVP via email, text or the new website are guaranteed a spot.)



  1.  One hand to a Player. (No helping)
  2.  Don’t splash the pot,  push your bets in front of the betting line in front of your spot.  This makes it easy to keep track of raises and all-in bets.
  3.  Don’t make change until the end of the betting round. Again keeping it easy to keep track of who owes what.
  4.  No Soft (weak) betting.  If you are last to act on the river and you have the nuts, you have to raise.  (Keeps people from trying to take it easy on friends, always play to win.)
  5.  Do NOT reveal your cards or talk about your cards until the hand is finished.
  6.  Do NOT act out of order.  Players who consistently act out of turn will be penalized.
  7.  The hand speaks for it self.  (example, if you say you have a pair and you really have a straight, It’s a straight.)
  8.  No String Bets. (A wager made using more than one statement about the wager or using multiple motions to put chips into the pot)
  9.  Verbalized Bets are final.  (IF you verbalize Raise 600, it doesn’t matter how many motions it takes to get the 600 out there.)
  10.  Please pay attention to the flow of the game, paying blinds, and acting when it is your turn.  (It is very annoying for other players to constantly remind you it is your turn or to pay your   blinds because you are not paying attention.)  Have fun but be considerate.
  11.  There is no set time to make a decision when it is your turn. If a player is taking more time than is reasonable, any player at the same table can call “CLOCK”. At which point, the player will   have 60 seconds to act.  If  the player fails to act with in the 60 seconds, that players hand will be folded and action will continue to the next player in order. If a player is continually taking   too long to take action, the host will be notified which will result in a final warning before the player is penalized.
  12.  Big Blind Structure – The player in the Big Blind position will pay double the blinds to cover the ante’s for the entire table.  If the blinds are 100 and 200.  The Big Blind player will place 200   in front of him/her to cover the blinds and 200 in the pot to cover the table ante’s.  The blinds and ante’s must be in separate piles so their is no confusion with other players believing you   have raised. Using the previous illustration, if you don’t have any 100’s, you can’t just put a 500.00 chip in front of you to cover the blinds and ante’s. You would have to put a second 500.00   chip in the center to the table and make change for both when the betting round is finished. Or better yet, get change and then place 200 in front of you and 200 in the pot. This speeds up   play and guarantee’s more hands per round, reduces confusion and we make sure the game ends on time.
  13.  If there is a dispute that can’t be settled at the table level, I will step in to make a final decision as host which will be final.
These Rules are widely standard and are in place to make the tournament fun and fair for all players.
Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Cory Warnercory.warner@sbcglobal.net


(Saturday) 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm CST


Cigar Inn

119 W. Main St.


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